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Hosted PBX Services


StarNet Wireless offers VoIP hosted phone service throughout the nation. As a telecommunications service company providing local and long distance phone service it makes it easy to purchase a complete solution. StarNet VoIP allows you to either bypass the local phone company and supply VoIP to your current phone system or allows you to upgrade to a new enhanced phone system and gain both advantages. StarNet VoIP is built on BroadSoft, a leader in innovation calling supplying software switch solutions to phone carriers allowing them to implement VoIP without expensive telecom equipment at the customer premise. BroadSoft has been a chosen solution by many large telecommunications companies and has been classified as a leader in the industry.


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BroadSoft VoIP Data Sheets


BroadWorks Overview

BroadWorks Assistant

BroadWorks Auto Attendant

BroadWorks Call Center

BroadWorks Call Detail Reporting

BroadWorks Communicator

BroadWorks Receptionist

BroadWorks Remote Office

BroadWorks Voice Messaging

BroadWorks Voice VPN



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